Gord grew up in the West Island of Montreal where he got his start playing drums in some local original bands. Along with his brother Doug on bass, they provided the foundation for a tight and tasteful rhythm section for “the Enormous Radio” and later “the Great Green Billygoats.” Doug and Gord also did the majority of song writing for these bands. Gord started studying Jazz after the Billygoats decided to disband, and played in several Jazz and funk bands in Montreal, including “Apartment Five.” After moving to Toronto for work, Gord has continued to play drums with several local Jazz bands and is currently heading up his own band “the New Interpreters,” who play across Toronto at various local clubs. Since his brother Doug moved up to Collingwood, he has often been asked to sit in with local blues band “the Gators,” who Doug plays the bass for. And, through this connection has met many other local Collingwood musicians, and as a result led to him joining “TOUCH OF VINYL.” Gord is thrilled to play pop music again with his brother and with his good friends in TOV because they always make playing music a fun and memorable experience.