Mark was born and raised in Brandon Manitoba, and while being trained as a Bass vocalist for the Brandon Youth Vocal Jazz Choir, he spent the cold prairie nights teaching himself how to play piano. After graduation he left for the west coast to try and make it in the Vancouver music scene. His family friend Brian Smith from the band TROOPER gave him advice to stick it out and eventually had odd fill in gigs playing with bands such as rock band WHITE PUPPIES, and reggae band AFRO INVASION. He decided to improve his skills and went to Grant Mcewan College for Performing Arts, in Edmonton Alberta. He was trained in musical theatre for 2 years until he landed a spot as an additional cast member at CELEBRATIONS DINNER THEATRE. He was promoted to sound and lighting director before moving to JUBILATIONS DINNER THEATRE in WEST EDMONTON MALL where he became a full time cast member. Mark was then offered to be Musical Director for the MUSKOKA THEATRE TOURING COMPANY. He came to Ontario where he was stayed for the last 10 years. He has had guest spots in Collingwood bands such as THE DON CHERRY'S JAM BAND, and THE RETRO 80'S BAND, and he now owns and runs a successful karaoke/dj comany which has become ON THE MARK PRODUCTIONS. Mark is very excited to play with such a talented group. He has very high hopes for TOUCH OF VINYL and looks forward to every gig they have together. Let's go T.O.V.